Care Xchange connects people needing personal and domiciliary care services with individual Personal Assistants they can employ.

A Place that connects local Personal Assistants with people in receipt of direct payments

If you receive a direct payment to employ your own PA (Personal Assistant) then you have come to the right place, we can help you find, employ and manage your employed PA.

24 Hrs Access

System is available 24 hours to search for potential PA's .​

Access to a PA Community

Care Xchange gives you access to a local PA community.​

Quick Response

Our support team is available for questions, info or help with your search.​

Local Search

The Care Xchange system allows you to search locally for your PA.

Easy Communication

Our communication tools allow for easy communication.​

PA Care

Finding the right PA for you

By using the Care Xchange platforms search tools, it allows you to find the PA your looking for that fits your requirements.

We Provide support for being an employer

Becoming an employer can be a daunting thought, which together with the processes and regulations you must adhere adding to the anxiety? At Care Xchange we can help you through all this and also support you once you have become an employer thus taking away the strains of becoming an employer for your own PA.  

Set up
Everything You require to be an employer

We have everything you need to become an employer.​​

Friendly Support

There is friendly helpful support when you need it.​​

Support when you need it

At Care Xchange we understand that getting Direct payment funding, becoming and employer, actually finding and employing your own PA can seem a really daunting scenario.
So, we have built in as much support as you need to help you through all the processes of becoming and employer, searching for your PA and then employing them, and not only that but also supporting you post the employment process. 

Employers Package
Dedicated Employer Support